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9 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection

Product image 19 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection
Product image 29 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection
Product image 39 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection
Product image 49 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection
Product image 59 oz. Smoked Vessel Candle - Autumn Collection

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These dark, smokey glass jars are an elevated style for your on-trend home or office space. All of these candles are dye-free with 100% soy wax, and cotton wicks with a burn time of 50 hours. Scents are made with phthalate-free fragrances!


Autumn Days in Michigan [red/yellow]: The scent of warm days and chilly nights full of beautiful color.
Beach Bonfire [blue/green]: Enjoy the scent of woodsy pines logs on a crisp fall night.
Crisp Autumn Air in Michigan [red/burgundy]: Visiting the local orchard, apples and sweet notes fill the air.
Great Lakes Fireside Brew [ivory]: Cozied up on the beach sipping Chai Latte...
MI Second Summer [blue/green]: Rain, spice and everything [mango + papaya] nice!
MI Woodland Spice [red/yellow]: Cedarwood, cypress, and musk.
Mitten Made C I D E R [orange]: Delicious and warm apple cider on a chilly fall day.
Rainy Days + Autumn Roads [orange/burgundy]: Sweet roadside stands on a rainy autumn day.
Tunnel of Trees [ivory]: Woodsy, clean outdoorsy scent with a touch of musk.

Apples ‘n Cinnamon [red/burgundy]: Warm, delicious, delights-of-home, apples and spice.
Best Darn Apple Pie [red]: Spiced apples and tender pie crust.
Cozy Blanket [white]: Sipping white tea under a warm, soft, fluffy blanket on a chilly autumn day.
Cranberry Spice [burgundy]: Crisp fruity cranberries mixed with cinnamon + nutmeg.
Fresh Donuts + Hot Cider [orange/ivory]: Picking out your favorites at the local pumpkin patch...
Gooey Caramel Apple [red]: Crisp, juicy apples smothered in warm gooey caramel.
Harvest [brown]: Wonderfully warm mixes of cinnamon, cloves + tea.
Hayride Magic [yellow/orange]: Cozy blends of bourbon, maple & pumpkin spice!
Macintosh Apple [red]: Mouth-watering, red and crisp crunchy bite!
Pecans + Maple Syrup Waffles [ivory]: The scent name says it all - sweet and delicious!
Pumpkin Dreams [orange]: Dreamy blends of caramel + pumpkins with a hint of maple.
Pumpkin Pie [orange]: One of the joys of fall; the aroma of a warm pumpkin pie and spice filling the air.
Sugared Pumpkin Doughnuts [orange]: Pumpkin patch treat!
Vanilla Bourbon [white]: Edgy bourbon softened up with vanilla + sugar cane. 


Don't trim the wick prior to lighting the first time! To get a uniform melt pool and to prevent tunneling, we recommend burning the candle for 30 to 60 minutes before extinguishing. Trim wick at every re-light. Keep candle free of any foreign materials, including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn candle on a level, fire-resistant surface. Don't burn candle for more than four hours at a time.

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