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Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

How to run a Coyer Candle Co fundraiser:

1. Download our Fundraising Catalog and read it from cover to cover. Have questions? Read this FAQ page from top to bottom. Still have questions? Email us.

2. Pick the two week date range that you want your fundraiser to run. Call or email us and tell us when these dates are. If you have a specific completion date in mind, please remember there is a two week production time on our end after you turn in your fundraising documents. Plan accordingly!

3. Decide if you’d like to purchase a sample pack to aid your sales. A sample pack includes one 16 oz. pint mason, an 8 oz. mason, one pack of wax melt chunks and two air fresheners (you'll end up with each of the scents). They are $38 and must be paid for in full in advance. Decide if you’d like thank you cards included. Let Coyer Candle Co. know how many sample packs and thank you cards you’d like. Note: Sample Packs and Thank You Cards must be requested in advance of running your fundraiser!

4. Download and print our fundraising catalog here (if for some reason you haven't already)!

5. Make copies of the order forms for your group. Decide if you’d like for each participant to be responsible for totaling their own sales at the end of the fundraiser (if so, give them a tally sheet too).

6. Handout the necessary order forms and seller’s information sheets to your group/sellers. Each packet is full of information to aide in the support of sales for your group (product description/photos, burn times, benefits of soy, etc).

7. Provide your group/sellers with the fundraising dates and let them know that they must collecting the money at the time of sale.

8. Once fundraiser is complete, collect and count each participant’s money and match it to either their tally sheet or order form(s), depending on how you decide to run it. Fill out one master tally sheet to be turned in with the collected money.

9. Visit our store in Midland during our open business hours and turn in one master tally sheet and funds raised (keep individual order forms so that the group leader can divide your between your group/sellers upon fulfillment). If you are a non-profit group or organization, you will have to provide us with a filled in copy of your sales & use tax exempt form. Then we begin the manufacturing process for your order. Estimated completion is two weeks once the tally sheet and funds are turned in to us. Donation is given back to the group upon order pick up.

10. Once your fundraising products have been manufactured, we'll call your group leader to schedule an appointment to pick up your order during our store open hours. Plan on taking 20 minutes to count each of the products to ensure everything is accounted for that was ordered. We'll help you load everything into your vehicle and provide you with a check for 50% of your funds raised! (If your group is not tax-exempt, the sales tax will come out of funds raised.)


How much will my organization get back?

We give back 50% of funds raised to the group, organization or individual (if they have a valid Tax ID number and fill out/submit the necessary form). Without a Tax ID number, we take sales tax out of the organizations' half of funds raised the organization will receive the difference.


What scents and products do we have to choose from?

• 8 oz. Masons, 16 oz. Pint Masons, Wax Melt Chunks for warmers and Air Fresheners.
• We pick 5 popular scents for every season; same for each of the products.
• Air Fresheners are made ahead of time in a variety of shapes.
• We do not make air freshener shapes to order, you will receive a random assortment to be divided among your orders/sellers.

How much do we have to sell and how long should we sell for?

• We give back 50% of whatever you sell; whether it’s $10 or $10,000
• Setting goals for each participant gives them something to work toward.
• Two weeks is recommended for the length of time to run your fundraiser; but it’s completely up to you!

How long is the manufacturing turnaround time?

• This will depend on the outcome of the fundraiser; but usually 2 weeks is plenty of time. If you need the products by a certain date (especially when shipped); please let us know what your expectations are up front so we can best accommodate those needs.

Can you ship our fundraiser purchases?

Yes! We can only ship fundraiser items if you’re located outside of a 60 mile radius from our location in Midland, MI. The organization will be responsible for the cost of shipping. If your products need to be shipped, charges can be paid for separately at the end of the fundraiser or taken out of the organization’s ½. (This does not pertain to individual orders, just the group as a whole.) Contact us for more details on shipping.


Is there a sample pack available?

Yes! All sample packs must be requested in advance. Packs must be paid in full in advance and can be added in at the end of the fundraiser. They are non-refundable or returnable.

Any tips for running our fundraiser?

• Have your participants turn in their funds in an envelope with their name and a tally sheet.
• If possible, have your participants count their money with you and make sure it matches their tally sheet. That way if there’s an error, it’s accounted for immediately.


Other Fundraiser items of note:

• Checks should be made payable to the organization [not Coyer Candle Co]. Once the fundraiser is complete, payment to the Coyer Candle Co can be turned in with one check from the organization along with one master tally sheet.
• Any NSF checks will be the organizations responsibility and must be resolved prior to finalizing the fundraiser. All products are non-returnable and not the responsibility of Coyer Candle Co.

Check out our Fundraising page!

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